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To ensure that projects can be managed from the requirements definition right up to delivery and maintenance with the Team Foundation Server (TFS), the idea arose to adapt the requirements formulated in MS Word to the requirement work items in TFS. AIT WordToTFS is a Microsoft Word plug-in that enables business analysts to seamlessly integrate Microsoft Word with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.


With the new WordToTFS, any work item type can now be formulated in Microsoft Word and generated in TFS. Furthermore, the new version enables the deletion of all work item IDs at the click of a mouse in order to import the document into various team projects.
Work items can be additionally updated in the Word document or initially exported on the TFS to Word. Area and iteration path, test cases and many more artifacts are also available.

The functions at a glance:

  • Import of work items from Word documents into TFS
  • Automatic linking of the imported TFS work items with the Word document
  • Utilization of parent-child links in Word documents
  • Utilization of graphics in rich text fields
  • Republication of a document into various team projects (reuse of requirements)
  • Export and update of the work items in Word from TFS
  • Setting of user-defined default values for new work items
  • Utilization of area and iteration path
  • Adaptation of the templates to individual process templates
  • Conflict handling for concurrent changes
  • Refresh and publish selected work items
  • Create Test-specification and Test-Reports
  • Compare current Contents with TFS work item versions
  • Drop-down lists for AllowedValue fields (z.B. AssignedTo)
  • Auto-Link - Generates links without initial Publish
  • Use a Work Item Query to create a Test Specification Report
  • New options for the Test Result report
  • New Pre- and Post operations
  • List of all functions

Installation note:

Please uninstall all previous versions of WordToTFS before installing a new version. WordToTFS can be removed via "Control Panel" > "Uninstall a program".

System requirements:


  • Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and Microsoft Visual Studio area registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the USA and/or other countries.


To download the file free of charge you need to log in to the website.


If you do not have an account to download the tool, please register here free of charge.

Customization & extensions for this tool

If you are interested in individual customization of this tool or want to have a custom functionality implemented, please contact us. Thank you.